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Graphite/Monochromatic Colored Pencil

Colored Pencil Portrait Color: Mahogany

People Portraits

$750 (16×20)

$1,000 (16×20)

$800 (12×16)

$1,200 (18×22)

Complexity will determine a possible increase in size and price


Number of portraits will determine size

$1,200 (18×22)

Pet Portraits

$450 (10×12)

$650 (14×18)

$750 (2 images)

$1,200 (3 or more images)

Complexity will determine a possible increase in size and price – Each additional image will be $450 – Complexity will determine size.

Pastel/Colored Pencil Portraits

People Portraits

Pet Portraits

 $650.00 11X14  Frames $775.00

$850.00  18×22 Framed $975.00

2 Images $950.00  complexity will determine size and or additional cost

The Process

I will initially meet with a client to discuss the client’s portrait expectations.

This meeting may be at my studio, the client’s home or office, or some other agreeable location. If these options are not possible then the telephone and or e-mail or FaceTime will work just as well.

I will photograph the person/persons or animal. When this is not possible, the client will need to provide photographic references. See photo reference page.

A compositional sketch will be provided before the actual portrait is executed. The sketch will focus primarily on the placement of the portrait, clothing and gesture, not the likeness of the person or animal. The likeness will be developed in the finished executed portrait.

The delivery time of the portrait will depend on my scheduled workload, this will be discussed.

A deposit of half the portrait price is requested.