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Artist of Human and Pet Landscapes

"I enjoy the challenge of bringing the personality and identity of the portrait to life in my work."


Artist Statement


I look at each person as a unique “human landscape”.  It is important that the portrait releases the personality within.  When I am told, “You’ve really captured him/her”, I feel that I have successfully fulfilled my assignment.  There is nothing worse than to have drawn a nice head and to have missed the true identity of the person. Throughout my commercial art career I have had many portrait assignments and have always enjoyed the challenge of bringing to life the identity and personality of the person.  

I believe as an artist that my mission and challenge is to record on paper what God has already created, whether it be a portrait of a person or a landscape of His glorious Creation. My goal is to reproduce His unique creations accurately.

I acknowledge that the real source of my talent, inspiration and accomplishments is the LORD.  I have had a personal relationship with Christ since the summer of 1970.  I give Him all the glory.

I believe there are many portraits and landscapes that have already been created by God; it will be my privilege and joy to discover and record them for your enjoyment.

I live in Upper Bucks County, Pennsylvania with my wife, Janne. We were married in 1971.  We have two wonderful married daughters.




All art is copyright Thomas Miller 2016
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